Great Southern Aviation(GSA) is Albany longest established flying school. GSA Head of Flying Operations Julie Biser:
has in excess of 8000 hours flying experience.
can do all your theory on site.
can flight test up to CPL
can instruct in RAAus  (Recreational Aviation Australia certificate)
conduct ELP (English Language Proficiency)
conduct AFR's (Aeroplane Flight Reviews)
is happy for you to use your own aircraft for training and AFR's
can conduct transition training between GA (general aviation licence) and RAAus (Recreational Aviation Australia certificate) and vice versa

The Team 

Julie Biser

Head of Flying Operations
20 years of flying experience out of Albany. My goal is to see you fulfill your desire to learn to fly.

William Rennie

Line Pilot
My goal is to show you the spectacular scenery Albany has to offer from a birds eye perspective

Anna Hefti-Meni

My role is to manage the day to day running of the business

Aircraft Maintenance by Alex Simpson at Rainbow Aircraft Maintenance.
Call Alex
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