GSA is able to train its students up to and including a CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence). All flying training, flight testing and theory exams are conducted on the premises. No need to travel anywhere other than to the Albany Airport

Asked Questions

What is involved in learning to fly?

Learning to fly encompasses 2 distinct steps of training. Firstly you learn how to fly an aircraft. This is done in a C150 aircraft which takes on average 35 hours of training. When you are competent at flying you may sit for your RPL (Recreational Pilots Licence). After reaching a level of competency that will allow you to sit your RPL you then transition to flying training for your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) which is conducted in our C172. This portion of your flying training is directed around Navigation and it takes around 24 hours on average to complete.

Can I try flying before I commit?

If you would like to try flying before becoming committed, you can do a TIF (Trial Instructional Flight) which is a half hour flight where you assist in a take off, try the controls in the aircraft and assist in a landing

What extra costs are involved?

Flying in Albany attracts NO tower fees and your lesson starts when you start the engine. Our training area is adjacent to the runways and no time is lost in transit.

Can I train in another aircraft?

If you own or have access to an aircraft, we can complete your flying training in yours.

Constant Speed Unit

CSU endorsement can be done in your own aircraft.


RG endorsement can be done in your own aircraft.
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